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Al Fatih Junior Academy
🌙 Alhamdulillah.. Today, 7 of our students get the opportunity to join infaq distribution today.
They visit:
1. One of ustazah from smkbsp who has passed away last week. The children visit her family at sek 6 bukit mahkota.
2. Guard at sek 6 bukit mahkota
3. Garbage collector
4. Guard at Apartment Nuri sek 4
5. Guard at Residensi Adelia, Bangi Avenue
6. Pakcik jaga di Sekolah Alamin Putra Mahkota- we went to his house because he just undergo minor operation last week.
🌙 Alhamdulillah.. everybody participate well and give full attention during programme.
Thank you to all the parents for your generous contribution and to the children for doing good deeds to fill their tabung infaq.

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