Tadika 4 – 6 Years Old

The core subjects under the Malaysian National Standard Pre-school Curriculum are:

  • Bahasa Melayu
  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Islamic Studies & Early Quran

We use the phonics approach in teaching languages and our text books for learning to read are :

For Science subject, we use the Little Scientists programme which incorporates experiments for kids. However, your child will learn not only the core subjects but also specialized modules such as the following:

  • Jawi
  • Introduction to Arabic
  • Hafazan of Surahs and Daily Do’as
  • Practical Solat
  • The Khalifah of Allah Principles
  • Special Subjects
  • Kindercooking, Gardening, Arts & Craft, Motor Skills, Mini Sukaneka etc

At Al-Fatih, your child’s  progress will be assessed based on his own accomplishments, and not his or her friends. Our Assessment Report will not give him meaningless grades that do not reflect his actual individual development. 

We also believe, and we would like you to believe too, that nurturing a child is a team effort between parents and teachers.

We will keep you informed regularly on your child’s development through open communications as well as during our Parents-Teachers Conference twice a year, insya-Allah. Oh you may want to find out what we think about homeworks too!

Fun & Learning Never Stop at Al-Fatih

Alhamdulillah, FUN is what we are known for. We believe children learn best when they feel safe and happy. Thus we organize many events and activities to enhance your child’s learning experience. Many parents have given their two-thumbs-up for the following:

  • Activities to celebrate Special Days such as  Mothers’ Day, Maulidur-Rasul, Eids
  • School Trips & Visits to various locations
  • Outdoor Camp outside of school
  • Treasure Hunts / Explorace / Mini Picnics
  • Annual Ihtifal Day (Concert & Mini Graduation)
  • Ihya Ramadhan Programmes
  • Ramadhan Infaq Fund
  • Eid Ziarah
  • Young Khalifah Camp (for 6-year-olds)
  • Annual Family Fun Picnics
  • And many many more

Last but not least, parents are not left out as we do organize events for them as well. We have a lots of pictures of our activities on our Facebook page so feel free to check it out!

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