We know, because we’re parents too !


Assalamu’alaikum wbk

How time flies ! We are running out of time, it is almost to D-DAY = the 1st Day of school !

Even after so many years, I am always apprehensive with the 1st day – so many unknowns in the horizon. I doubt whether any of the teachers will be having any sleep the night before either !

For 2009, we decided to start official school term a day later than the other schools. So, instead of beginning on 5th January 2009 (Monday), we are insya-Allah, beginning on 6th January 2009 (Tuesday). This is to allow parents with other children who are also starting school to be able to attend to their children on the first day of school (yup, including me !). Many of our parents also heaved a sigh of relief with our decision – as a twist to the Mobil advertisement : " We know, because we’re parents too !   "

Registrations for next year’s students are swift and progressing well. So well, Alhamdulillah, that we have had to get a new premises for the extra classes to be opened. We are also hiring extra teachers. However, parents should be unduly worried that we will be changing into a profit-oriented entity, since we also have a limited intake on the number of students per class, with 6-year-olds streamed into 3 classes according to their reading abilities. As of now, there are only a few places left for each class / age group. I really don’t know what to do once we reach the limit , which seems to be quite soon !

With the registrations, we are always at the receiving end of anxious parents who tell us of their hopes and dreams for their children. We too have our hopes and dreams for these children. Let us work together towards the same goals, and may Allah SWT help us in creating future Muslims who will attain success in this World and in the Hereafter, insya-Allah.


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